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FR is an abbreviation in this wiki referring to France.

The French patent office at the time of early aviation was the Office de Brevets, and the current one is INPI (France).

There are 5,000 French patents on this wiki.

The following diagram created by Emmanuel Chadeau charts out some of the broad currents of political, industrial, and military affairs which were fueling aeronautical research in France in 1905.

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For a fair synopsis on the overall trajectory of French aero developments, from the very beginnings up through the dawn of aero-industrialization per se, see Emmanuel Chadeau and-or Chadeau, Emmanuel, 1985, État, Entreprise & Développement Économique : L’Industrie Aéronautique en France (1900-1940) Thése pour le Doctorat, unpublished version.