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Frederick William Brearey (b. 1816, Stillingflee, near Scarborough, England; d. 31 January 1896) was an aero inventor in Blackheath, Kent, and/or London, England.

Brearey had many roles; he was an organizer too. Founding member and honorary secretary of the Aeronautical Society of Great Britain and supposedly its chief sustainer during a time of low activity circa 1890.[1]

Brearey was convinced of the need for "mechanical means" of attaining flight, rather than the use of balloons, and gave numerous lectures across England during which he demonstrated model flyers. Wrote "The Atmosphere as a Medium of Travel".[2]

Received a gold medal from the Société Française de Navigation Aérienne and praise from Octave Chanute.[2]

With respect to the ultimate issue of the late plane propelled experiments, Mr. Brearey, who—at least, theoretically—became possessed of as much knowledge as anyone in the kingdom, said that there were two systems by which success has been ascertained to be certain, so far as ascent is securable by mechanical means alone, viz., Maxim's and Phillip's.[2]


Mr. Brearey has upon several occasions lost blood in the cause, and copiously, too, at the Alexandra Palace, when a screw-blade, revolving at a great velocity, produced by the great muscular effort he was exerting in turning a handle, flew off, and hitting him in the face, cut a portion of his nose off, at the same time cutting open his cheek. The nose was cleverly sewn on, but he after effect resulted in an operation by which the eye was barely saved.[2]
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Birth date 1816
Death date 1896-01-31
Tech areas LTA
Affiliations Aeronautical Society of Great Britain