Free Ballooning, 1919

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Free Ballooning. Compiled by the Goodyear Aeronautics Department. Akron, Ohio: Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, 1919.

Online at Internet Archive.

Dedicated to the Aero Clubs and Aeronauts of America.

Goodyear proclaims their enthusiasm for a return to civilian aviation following the war, starting with the 1919 National Balloon Race. They also ask:

Now—is there an Aero Club in your city? Is your Club active? Have you singled out those ex-Service pilots and are you making them an asset to your Club? Things are happening too fast in aeronautics for us all to keep in accurate touch. Commercial aviation is forging ahead. But, unfortunately, America is several paces behind her friends across the water in the present vast progress of the science of flying. There is much to be done.
Can we help stimulate interest in aeronautics in your city? May we help your Aero Club? Our experience, our data files, our pilots, our aeronautic engineers and our balloon factory are at your disposal. (p. 10)

Gives a word from Goodyear engineer Ralph Hazlett Upson on balloon racing, then recounts outcomes of the Gordon Bennett International Balloon Race through 1913. Then goes back for a history starting with the Frères Montgolfier.

Contains an article by C. H. Roth, chief free ballooning instructor at Goodyear Balloon School (which apparently did training for the military during the war) and author of Fundamentals of Ballooning (is this the same as A Short Course on The Theory and Operation of the Free Balloon?).

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