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Gabriel Yon (1835–1894) was a French aero inventor who filed patents related to aerial navigation and stability. He was affiliated with the agents Jovis and Fayollet.

Yon's father was a ropemaker known for making balloon netting.[1]

At age ~20, Yon flew with Henri Giffard on his second balloon in 1855 at Courcelles.[2] He participated in French postal efforts during the siege of Paris.[3][4] In 1872 he worked with Henri Dupuy de Lôme.[1]

In the 1880s, Yon reportedly supplied Russia, China, Japan, Italy, Denmark, and Spain, with balloons for military purposes.[5]

Yon's name is associated with a 4- or 6-legged style of anchor.

He also developed a new type of valve, in collaboration with Abel Corot and Louis Godard.[6] Corot was a long-term student and associate.[7]

At his funeral in 1894, euologies were given by Wilfrid de Fonvielle, Laporte, and Surcouf. De Fonvielle implies that both he and Yon belong to "l'Association fraternelle des anciens aéronautes du siège" (seemingly similar to Société des aéronautes du siège de Paris).[4]

Yon had a workshop at the Champ-de-Mars, from which, after his death, materials were salvaged by his collaborators Louis Godard and Édouard Surcouf. The site was demolished in 1899 before the 1900 Exposition Universelle.[1]

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Names Gabriel Yon; L. Gabriel Yon
Birth date 1835-05-13
Death date 1894-03-09
Countries FR
Locations Paris
Occupations balloonist, balloon maker
Tech areas LTA, stability
Affiliations International Aeronautical Congress of 1889