Gordon Bennett International Balloon Race

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The Gordon Bennett International Balloon Race was held annually until 1913 (and starting again in 1920). Subsidized by James Gordon Bennett, Jr.

Bennett also created the Gordon Bennett Aviation Trophy for the emerging class of heaver-than-air vessels; this was held annually from 1909–1913 and once again in 1920-.

Race Location Date Winner
1st Paris, France 1906-09-30 Frank Lahm, Jr., USA
2nd St. Louis, USA 1907-10-21 Oskar Erbslöh, Germany
3rd Berlin, Germany 1908-10-11 Colonel Shaek, Switzerland
4th Zurich, Switzerland 1909-10 Edgar W. Mix, USA
5th St. Louis, USA 1910-09-17 Hawley and Post, USA
6th Kansas City, USA 1911-10-05 Hans Gericke, Germany
7th Stuttgart, Germany 1912-10-27 Maurice Bienaime, France
8th Paris, France 1913-10-12 Ralph H. Upson and R. A. D. Preston, USA
9th 1920

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