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Key people: René Hanriot; Louis Alfred Ponnier, factory director, who left to found firm Avions Ponnier, 1912.

early aviator, constructed some seven monoplanes before stopping, 1913. Formed firm Aeroplanes Hanriot et Cie, ca. 1914, at outbreak of WWI.

A patent refers to "Société Anonyme des Appareils d'aviation Hanriot" which presumably is the same as Aeroplanes Hanriot et Cie -- best guess for now.

Patent filer Henri-Hubert Pagny is associated with this firm it seems.


Names Hanriot, Aeroplanes Hanriot et Cie, Société Anonyme des Appareils d'aviation Hanriot
Country France
City Reims
Started aero 1907
Ended aero 1913
Key people René Hanriot, Louis Alfred Ponnier, Henri-Hubert Pagny