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Henry Tracey Coxwell (2 March 1819 – 5 (or 6?) January 1900), going by the pseudonym Henry Wells, was an aeronaut and publisher of Balloon, or Aerostatic Magazine, as well as a dentist.

Coxwell witnessed various balloon ascents as a youth and made his first balloon voyage on 19 August 1844. In August 1845 he published the first issue of Balloon, or Aerostatic Magazine, the first English aeronautics periodical. He thereafter made various ascents in the Sylph including a series of exhibitions in Germany.[1][2]

According to L'Aérophile Coxwell intended to become a dentist but gave it up after successful balloon trips in Germany, Russia, and England. His balloon was the Mars.[3]

Coxwell supplied Germany with two balloons in the Franco-Prussian War.[1][4]

He made notable ascents with James Glaisher, including one reaching a record altitude on 5 September 1862.[3]

In 1887 he published My Life and Balloon Experiences: with a supplementary chapter on Military Ballooning (London: W. H. Allen & Co.).

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Names Henry Coxwell; Henry Tracey Coxwell; Henry Wells
Birth date 1819-03-02
Death date 1900-01-05
Countries GB
Locations London
Occupations balloonist
Tech areas LTA, balloon