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The Hudson-Fulton Celebration of 1909 (anniversaries of Henry Hudson and Robert Fulton) included an indoor aero exposition at Madison Square Garden, and some outdoor activities as well.

The organizer of the indoor expo was Alfred Chasseaud. Various airplanes were on display. The magazine Aeronautics had a booth and so did the Hartford Rubber Works Co., the Silverite Metal Co., Mr. Church's Aeroplane Toy Co., and a handful of companies with motors. The Livingston Radiator Co. presented "two special aero radiators".[1]

On September 29 Wilbur Wright made a flight from Governors Island during which he circled the Statue of Liberty.[2] Glenn Curtiss flew the same day.[3]

Joel Trout Rice and John R. Riggs gave tours of the city in large airship called the American Eagle.[4]

Event names Hudson-Fulton Celebration; National Aeronautical Exposition; National Aeronautical Show
Event type exhibition
Country US
Location New York City
Start date 1909-09-25
Number of days 7
Tech focus LTA, airplane, propulsion, piloting, fun


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