Kladnik, 2008, Zgodovina letalstva na Slovenskem

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Darinka Kladnik. 2008. Zgodovina letalstva na Slovenskem. Ljubljana

This is a big colorful hardback book. Peter has it. It mentions Franz Xaver Wels a few times.

A review of this book[1] says it was published in December 2008, 100 years after the first motor flight in Slovenia. It has biographical information about 150 people who helped to develop aviation in Slovenia. "The book has 328 pages of large format and 345 photographs."


  1. http://old.opensoaring.com/Teorija/Literatura/literatura_kladnik.html, 2015, translated by google translate
Original title Zgodovina letalstva na Slovenskem
Simple title History of aviation in Slovenia
Authors Darinka Kladnik
Date 2008
Countries SL
Languages sl
Keywords Slovenia
Related to aircraft? 1
Page count 328
Word count