Kuhnert Aerodrome

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In 1910, Frederick Kuhnert and a friend bought a 20-acre plot of land to use as an airfield and established Kuhnert Aerodrome, which hosted weekly air demonstrations.

Kuhnert built aeroplane that could hold 14 passengers; called Kuhnert's Ferryboat, it was destroyed in 1912 by a tornado before it flew.

The land that had been Kuhnert Aerodrome was acquired around late 1916 from its then owner by Wittemann-Lewis Aircraft Co.

Location: present-day Teterboro Airport, Bergen County, NJ


  • HTA7
Names Kuhnert Aerodrome
Country US
City Bergen County, NJ
Started aero 1910
Ended aero 1912
Key people Frederick Kuhnert