Le Banquet Wilbur Wright

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L'Aérophile reports the banquet on 15 November 1908.

On 5 November 1908 the Aéro-Club de France held a banquet for Wilbur Wright to celebrate the Wright Brothers' achievement of controlled heavier-than-air flight. (Orville was recovering from an accidenct on 17 September.) This event represented a significant attempt at reconciliation after the European aeronautics world had mostly snubbed the Wrights, suspected they were bluffing, etc.[1] The banquet and following soirée were held at the party room of the Automobile Club de France. The 250 classy guests included minister Louis Barthou and senator Paul d'Estournelles de Constant; Aero Club president Louis Paul Cailletet, vice-president Henry de la Vaulx, Ernest Archdeacon; Charles Renard; Cortland Bishop of the Aero Club of America; Baron Étienne van Zuylen van Nyevelt, Automobile Club president; and many more, listed here. M. (Édouard? André?) Michelin telegraphed his congraulations[2]

Cailletet awarded the Wright Brothers the grande médaille d'or of the Aéro-Club de France. Barthou and Wright spoke, with senator d'Estournelles de Constant translating Wright's English.[2]

Event names Le Banquet Wilbur Wright
Event type party
Country FR
Location Paris
Start date November 5, 1908
Number of days 1
Tech focus airplane


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