Marchis, 1904, Leçons sur la navigation aérienne

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Lucien Marchis. Leçons sur la navigation aérienne (Ballons sphériques. - Aérostation militaire. - Aérostation scientifique. Aéronautique maritime. - Ballons dirigeables). Année 1903–1904. Paris (VIe): Ve Ch. Dunod, éditeur. 49, quai des grands-augustins.
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From discussion of spherical balloon envelopes

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818 pages of (legible) script!

The book is dedicated to Meusnier, whose influence is mentioned in the text.


  • overview of the history of aerial navigation
  • principles of balloon statics and dynamics
  • techniques: preparation of gas, construction of balloon envelopes
  • military aerostation; Revolutionary era, Franco-Prussian War; present state of military aeronautics in France, Germany, England, Austria-Hungary, Italy, Russia, Spain, the United States, China, Japan, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, the Balkans, and Morocco.
  • scientific aerostation: the usual suspects; international ascensions; instruments; meteorology; ballons-sondes;kites
  • maritime aeronautics: Hervé is the hero
  • dirigibles: Charles Renard & La France; numerous other efforts
  • lists of ascensions, etc.
Original title Leçons sur la navigation aérienne
Simple title Lessons on aerial navigation
Authors Lucien Marchis
Date 1904
Countries FR
Languages fr
Keywords aerial navigation, military
Related to aircraft? 1
Page count 818
Word count