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  • Ryan K. Noppen. 2016. Blue Skies, Orange Wings: The Global Reach of Dutch Aviation in War and Peace, 1914-1945. Grand Rapids, MI: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., 2016. 338 pages

Paraphrased from Benson (2018) book review:[1]

  • This book has a long-overdue study of the vital role Dutch enterprises played in the development of global aviation.
  • It draws from archival records and earlier scholarship from English and Dutch sources. The author makes a valuable contribution to aviation history.
  • The giant Dutch business successes in aviation were the Fokker aircraft company and the national airline KLM which started in 1919.[2]
  • During WWI, Anthony Fokker spent the war building military aircraft in Germany.
  • After WWI, Anthony Fokker returned to the Netherlands and founded his aviation company.
  • Fokker had extensive design and production experience and a legendary reputation.
  • He continued to produce warplanes, but his commercial design were more important to his interwar success.
  • Fokker's "airliners became ubiquitous, dominating even the American market during the 1920s," and were valuable to KLM.
  • KLM was pioneering, reliable, efficient, and a source of national pride. KLM developed routes connecting Netherlands to its Asian colonies.
  • most of the rest of the book and the review covers a period after our period.


  1. Book review by Erik Benson of Cornerstone University in Essays in Economic and Business History
Original title Blue Skies, Orange Wings: The Global Reach of Dutch Aviation in War and Peace, 1914-1945
Simple title The global reach of Dutch aviation, 1914-1945
Authors Ryan K. Noppen
Date 2017
Countries NL
Languages en
Keywords World War I
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Page count 338
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