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Dipl. Ing. Julius von Berg, designer, 1916-1918.

As war-time subsidiary of Aviatik, built parent's designs but also carried out modifications and original designs. Main 1914-1915 production was parent's unarmed reconnaissance 2-seaters, though some were modified. In 1916-1918, produced 2-seat scouts (from 700 to possibly 1,200 built) and 1-seat fighters and reconnaissance bombers, all commonly known as Berg aircraft after their designer, Julius von Berg.


Organization names Österreichische-Ungarische Flugzeugfabrik Aviatik (O-UF Aviatik)
Entity type
Country Austria-Hungary
City XIX Muthgasse 36, Vienna
Affiliated with
Started aero 1914?
Ended aero 1918
Keywords 3
Key people Julius von Berg