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Possibly the same as Patent GB-1868-392. Let's try to verify that, and if we can't resolve it then assume it, and delete this record rather than have this uncertainty hanging out.

"For the safety of aircraft, it is important to not only have a control system for the vertical and lateral control, but also a device which prevents the turning and rolling around the longitudinal axis . . . For this purpose, a rowing following construction can be used: or movable wing surfaces are attached to the arms, which can be changed from the trunk of their employment. If this rudders are not needed, offer their end faces of the movement of the aircraft, but little resistance. But when the ship starts to roll around the longitudinal axis, the rudder will be so employed, that the up side ... pressed down, the downward side is up but is pushed by the wind pressure on the rudder. Thus the balance of the aircraft and restored if another rolling is reduced. The rudder can be operated by hand or by machines." Boulton suggested therefore not only provide a mechanism for automatic control of the cross, but was thinking of expanding into vertical and lateral control, i.e. to an automatic pilot.


Year filed
Year granted 1868
Office ??
Patent number am
Inventors Matthew Piers Watt Boulton
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Applicant is inventor? 1
Original title Querruder für Flugapparat
English title Aileron for flying machine
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Granted? 1
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Related to aircraft? Yes
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Family year 1868
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