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RdBdI (1897)

"Ce système consiste en une envergure fixe qui sert de parachutes, en ailes tournantes par propulsion à pédales, en une envergure mobile directrice et en une enveloppe contenant une certaine quantité de gaz léger, pour contrebalancer le poids ou une partie du poids de la machine et des hommes."

That is, "This system consists in a fixed wingspan which offers parachutes, or which serves in the alleviation of falls, in wings turning via pedal propulsion, in a mobile navigational wingspan and in an envelope containing a certain quantity of light gas compensating the weight or a part of the weight of the machine and of the men.".

  • Inventor location: Poperinghe
Year filed 1897
Year granted
Office BE
Patent number
Inventors H. Colaert
Inventor country
Applicant person H. Colaert
Applicant firm
Applicant type INDIV
Applicant is inventor? Yes
Original title Nouveau projet de locomotion aérienne
English title (New human-powered flapping-winged aircraft, ruddered, which also incorporates LTA)
Tech fields wings, flapping, human-powered, LTA, hybrid
Filing date February 20, 1897
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Granted? Yes
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Related to aircraft? Yes
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National tech categories BE K
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