Patent BE-1913-Meugniot from FR467096

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(We currently lack the proper Belgian number in the case of this patent. These two inventors are fairly rare in terms of their not being Belgians, themselves, to the best of our knowledge, but finding it advantageous, on at least two occasions, to file in Belgium prior to their filing in France or elsewhere. The precise title has been inferred from the French patent making reference hereto. In our experience, not only the usage of the French language, but exact title phraseology, seems to carry over in these cases. Based upon a study of the French patent making reference, "hélices", while meaning literally "blades", means here, and often elsewhere, propellers, with no emphasis on the blades themselves. It was a matter of variable convention that francophones, and perhaps Belgians in particular, often referred to "hélices" where they could have referred to "propulseurs".)

  • Inventor location: Arc-lès-Gray, Haute-Saône, France
Patent family descending from Patent BE-1913-Meugniot from FR467096
  • Patent BE-1913-Meugniot from FR467096 (English title: Improvements brought to articles such as, notably and above all, propellers)
  • Patent FR-1914-467096 (English title: Improvements brought to articles such as, notably and above all, propellers, Supplementary to patent: Patent BE-1913-Meugniot from FR467096)
Year filed 1913
Year granted 1913
Office BE
Patent number
Inventors Jean-Gabriel-Joseph Meugniot, André-Charles-Marie Meugniot
Inventor country FR, FR
Applicant person Jean-Gabriel-Joseph Meugniot, André-Charles-Marie Meugniot
Applicant firm
Applicant type INDIV
Applicant is inventor? Yes
Original title Perfectionnements apportés aux articles tels, notamment et surtout, que les hélices
English title Improvements brought to articles such as, notably and above all, propellers
Tech fields propellers
Filing date January 10, 1913
Full specification filed date
Application number
Grant date
Granted? Yes
Publication date
Supplementary to patent
Related to aircraft? Yes
Serial number
Patent agent
Assigned to
National tech categories BE K
Family year 1913
First filing? No
Number of citations
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Application ID
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Number of diagram pages
Number of figures
Number of claims