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Most likely an airplane patent related to Patent FR-1876-111574 Should merge this with that since we have no patent number here. First examine this translation to find the patent that fits best.

Translation from the Lilienthal museum site:

  • Title: Man carrying flying machine
  • Date: 1876
  • Description: France
  • The apparatus was to have an elliptical bearing surface made of wood or metal, a light framework, stiffened by tension wires and webs up and down, covered on both sides with gefirnißter silk and bent at the outer ends to the slight V-shape. The area was slightly arched, elastic at the back and initially set: they wanted to give the wings a slight twist in their longitudinal direction, "so that the setting angle at the wing root is one or two degrees greater than at the end of the plane." As the angle of attack increases, so the flow does not tear at the entire wing simultaneously, but only at the wing root. Due to the loss of buoyancy, it comes to increasing speed and reduced angle of attack. The normal flow and attitude is restored. 2 elevators (Penaud tax) and a rudder were compensated by counterweight or springs and to operate with a joystick, elevator by pulling and pushing, rudder to the side, no ailerons.
  • A boat-shaped nacelle designed for watering was firmly attached to the wing, picking up crew, passengers, engine and payload. The pilot looked over the surfaces. The cabin had glass panes. The chassis with 4 wheels was fully retractable. The axes of the counter-rotating propellers were adjustable in flight. 18 to 30 m wingspan, 80 m2 surface area, 1200 kg flying weight, 20 to 30 hp steam engine or internal combustion engine. Not able to fly.
  • Source: Source 3, p. 172  ; Research: Seifert


Year filed
Year granted 1876
Office DE
Patent number aq
Inventors Charles-Alphonse Pénaud
Inventor country
Applicant person
Applicant firm
Applicant type
Applicant is inventor? 1
Original title Manntragender Flugapparat
English title Man-carrying flying apparatus
Tech fields airplane, airfoil
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Granted? 0
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Related to aircraft? Yes
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Family year 1876
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