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Patent GB-1899-24848 Original Diagram Sheets 1 and 2

Horizontal aeroplane fastened into a frame between balloon and car.

Balance of the aircraft maintained by half-filled water tanks, between which water can be pumped. One setup makes the movement of water automatic in order to restore stability if the aircraft is off balance to one side or the other.

Inventor location: Oakwood Avenue, Beckenham, County of Kent

Inventor occupation: Physician and Surgeon


Year filed 1899
Year granted 1900
Office GB
Patent number 24848
Inventors Francis Alexander Barton
Inventor country GB
Applicant person Francis Alexander Barton
Applicant firm
Applicant type INDIV
Applicant is inventor? Yes
Original title Improvements in Navigable Balloons or Aerial Machines
English title Improvements in Navigable Balloons or Aerial Machines, specifically ballon cars
Tech fields LTA, balloon, car, airplane, airfoil, hybrid, navigation, rudder, wheels, design, ballast, ballonet, propeller, navigation, frame, stability
Filing date December 14, 1899
Full specification filed date September 14, 1900
Application number
Grant date October 20, 1900
Granted? Yes
Publication date
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Related to aircraft?
Serial number
Patent agent W. D. Rowlingson
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National tech categories
Family year
First filing? No
Number of citations
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Application ID
Number of text pages 4
Number of diagram pages 2
Number of figures 7
Number of claims 8