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Fig. 1 shows a top view of the glider
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Substance: developments in glider frame, including springs which allow for changes in the wing to compensate for air pressure.

Chanute credits Louis-Pierre Mouillard with recognizing the need for "fore-and-aft movement of the wings in order to preserve the equilibrium."

The patent cites an earlier patent of Otto Lilienthal (not by number but Patent US-1895-544816 is a good candidate); Lilienthal Museum says: “"The present invention is an improvement upon the flying-machine recently patented to Otto Lilienthal ...";

Chanute adds seat for operator and spring mechanism, which shifts the wings forward or backward depending on wind-pressure (air resistance); the higher the wind, the further back it will push the wings on springs; "In each case the shifting of the wings compensates for the change in the center of the wind-pressure due to the change in the velocity and operates to keep said center of pressure coincident with the center of gravity, thereby automatically preserving the equilibrium."

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Ausgegeben: 1897/05/18” (source:;

Inventor location (imputed by HistPat): Chicago, IL, Cook county, IL (FIPSloc=17031)

Other sources marking this patent as relevant: Short's DB

  • PTO 244
Year filed 1895
Year granted 1897
Office US
Patent number 582718
Inventors Octave Chanute
Inventor country US
Applicant person
Applicant firm
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Applicant is inventor? Yes
Original title Soaring-machine
English title Soaring-machine
Tech fields glider, frame, navigation, stability, piloting
Filing date December 7, 1895
Full specification filed date
Application number
Grant date May 18, 1897
Granted? Yes
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Related to aircraft? Yes
Serial number 571366
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National tech categories USPC 244/16
IPCs IPC B64C31/02
CPCs CPC B64C31/02
Family year 1897
First filing? Yes
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Application ID 46557395
Number of text pages 2
Number of diagram pages 1
Number of figures 4
Number of claims 2