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Aerodynamic gasbag included with airplane-style craft for added buoyancy; hydraulic motor, which causes the wings to flap up and down, as well as perhaps powering a small propeller; operator controls rudder by means of a hand-cranked duplex motor (two systems: horizontal and vertical movement of rudder)

  • Tech categories: CPC B64C33/02 Wings; Actuating mechanisms therefor
  • Inventor location (imputed by HistPat): San Francisco, CA (FIPSloc=6075)


Year filed 1908
Year granted 1910
Office US
Patent number 971358
Inventors Leonard E. Clawson
Inventor country US
Applicant person Leonard E. Clawson
Applicant firm
Applicant type INDIV
Applicant is inventor? Yes
Original title Aerial machine
English title Aerial machine
Tech fields LTA, airplane, ornithopter, hybrid, airfoil, propulsion, flapping, propeller, rudder
Filing date November 5, 1908
Full specification filed date
Application number 1908461193
Grant date September 27, 1910
Granted? Yes
Publication date
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Related to aircraft? Yes
Serial number 461193
Patent agent
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National tech categories USPC 244/226, USPC 244/72
IPCs IPC B64C33/02, IPC B64C33/00
CPCs CPC B64C33/02
Family year 1908
First filing? Yes
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