Peyrey, 1909, Au Fil du Vent

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Advertisement in January 1909 Aérophile.
François Peyrey. L'idée aérienne: Au Fil du Vent. Paris: Henri Guiton, imprimeur-éditeur, 35, rue de Trévise, 35. 1909.

Online at BNF/Gallica.

(Literally, "on the thread of the wind"; seems to be a somewhat common phrase, connected, sometimes metaphorically, with free ballooning.)

With a preface by Henry de La Vaulx, including a poetic tribute to the spherical balloon ("Grâce à lui, nous franchissons, tout en nous jouant, les obstacles artificiels inventés par des générations retardataires: les frontières.") while also anticipating the coming of the era of aviation.

History of ballooning; the Aéro-Club de France; FAI; types of gas; maritime aeronautics; scientific aeronautics (meteorology, ballons-sondes, physiology, etc.); military aeronautics; photography; les femmes aéronautes; chronologies, of accidents, and more.

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