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The Phoenix Aero Meet, sponsored by the Aero Club of Phoenix, was conceived and executed following the success of the Dominguez Field exhibition. (Carnival organizer?) Nat Reiss saw the show in L.A. and lobbied the business community in Phoenix to try to attract some of the pilots.[1]

The event was heavily promoted; the Aero Committee encouraged locals to rent rooms to visitors, and published lists of such rooms. Many celebrity pilots were expected to come, but most cancelled at the last minute (while Glenn Curtiss was prevented by court in junction, and many European pilots were focused on the Great Week of Aviation at Heliopolis (Egypt) scheduled for later in February 1910.[2]

The best-known participants were Charles Hamilton and Charles Willard, both students of Curtiss. Three planes (between them) were shipped to Phoenix on trains. Hamilton later brought his airplane to Tucson and participated in an exhibition at Elysian Grove on February 19–20.[2]

Although much smaller-scale than the Los Angeles event, the Phoneix Aero Meet is said to have helped in bring aviation to Arizona territory.[2][1]


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Event names Phoenix Aero Meet; Phoenix exhibition
Event type exhibition
Country US
Location Phoenix, Arizona)
Start date 1910-02-10
Number of days 3
Tech focus airplane, LTA