Pittsfield Gas Works race

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The Pittsfield Gas Works race held on 10 March 1906 by the Aero Club of America was billed as the first international balloon race in America. It was a maiden voyage for Aero Club No. 1, a vessel constructed by Leo Stevens and first exhibited at the Sixth Annual Official Show of the Automobile Club of America. Its competition was L'Allouette. The race was to be delayed by a day due to wind, after Aero Club No. 1 crashed into the crowd and had to be held down by 50 people. Both balloons were seized by a gust of wind at 9:30pm; L'Allouette crashed into a post and tore; Aero Club No. 1 flew off into the Atlantic.[1]


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Event names Pittsfield Gas Works race
Event type exhibition
Country US
Location Pittsfield, MA
Start date 1906-03-10
Number of days 1
Tech focus LTA