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RU is an abbreviation in this wiki referring to Russia.

See also Russian military aeronautics.

There is an online Russian-to-English dictionary on Wikisource from 1945 and we can use URLs to link to the page on which a definition is found.[1]


Russia granted patents before 1845. For Russians these lasted 10 years; for foreigners, only 1–6 years (at a cost of 200 roubles per annum). There were no supplements or extensions, and inventions had to be put into practice within six months.[2] The Russian Empire's patent office at the time of early aviation was . . . and the current one is . . . .

This wiki has 3 Russian patents and 92 patents filed by Russians.

Patents filed in Russia: Patent RU-1881-103, Patent RU-1888-Raziewitsch, Patent RU-1905-Rebikov
Patents filed by persons from Russia: Patent FR-1864-64369, Patent FR-1877-118987, Patent FR-1878-124576, Patent DE-1879-6372, Patent US-1879-213603, Patent FR-1880-124576E2, Patent FR-1880-124576E1, Patent ES-1881-1217, Patent DE-1881-Moshaiski, Patent FR-1881-124576E3, Patent CA-1881-13782, Patent CA-1881-13781, Patent ES-1882-1522, Patent RU-1888-Raziewitsch, Patent US-1893-510492, Patent US-1893-511472, Patent DE-1899-103105, Patent FR-1903-335422, Patent FR-1904-340357, Patent RU-1905-Rebikov, Patent FR-1906-364164, Patent GB-1906-6502, Patent DE-1906-190421, Patent FR-1907-376236, Patent DK-1908-10764, Patent FR-1908-381285, Patent FR-1908-394309, Patent FR-1908-390933, Patent FR-1908-387393, Patent FR-1908-390515, Patent FR-1909-394677, Patent FR-1909-398599, Patent DE-1909-228654, Patent GB-1909-14476, Patent GB-1909-18829, Patent GB-1909-29150, Patent GB-1910-14476, Patent FR-1910-409203, Patent FR-1910-406180, Patent FR-1910-417192, Patent FR-1910-417741, Patent FR-1909-13209, Patent FR-1910-410207, Patent FR-1910-410886, Patent FR-1910-413000, Patent FR-1910-416267, Patent GB-1910-14455, Patent FR-1910-418531, Patent GB-1910-30139, Patent US-1910-976732, Patent NO-1911-21587, Patent FR-1911-419490, Patent GB-1911-16463, Patent FR-1911-421799, Patent FR-1911-424474, Patent FR-1911-425211, Patent FR-1911-427557, Patent FR-1911-14071, Patent GB-1911-9109, Patent FR-1911-428604, Patent GB-1911-12232, Patent FR-1911-431069, Patent FR-1911-432031, Patent FR-1912-434077, Patent FR-1912-435057, Patent FR-1912-15474, Patent GB-1912-8591, Patent FR-1912-443330, Patent GB-1912-11493, Patent FR-1912-444219, Patent FR-1912-16054, Patent FR-1912-445339, Patent GB-1912-20941, Patent GB-1912-21631, Patent US-1913-1065656, Patent FR-1913-459262, Patent FR-1913-448807, Patent GB-1913-11999, Patent FR-1913-459230, Patent FR-1913-459222, Patent GB-1913-17034, Patent FR-1913-461463, Patent FR-1913-463010, Patent GB-1913-8034, Patent FR-1914-462243, Patent FR-1915-474926, Patent FR-1915-475393, Patent FR-1915-475393, Patent FR-1915-475393, Patent FR-1915-476681, Patent US-1915-1143894, Patent FR-1916-481332


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