Shaw, 1926, Manual of Meteorology

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William Napier Shaw with the assistance of Elaine Austin. Manual of Meteorology. Vol. I: Meteorology in History. Cambridge University Press, 1926.

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Covers a wide variety of extraneous topics including ancient calendar-keeping. For our purposes the interesting chapters are Chapter IX, "Meteorology as International Science", and Chapter XI, "The Meteorological Observatory" / "The Upper Air".

The latter chapter begins on p. 207 with a chronology of aerial meteorology, giving as references the following:

  • Gold & Harwood, "The Present State of our Knowledge of the Upper Atmosphere", Report to the British Association, 1909
  • A. McAdie, The Principles of Aerography, Rand McNally & Co., 1917
  • C. J. P. Cave, "Upper Air Research", Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, vol. XL, 1914, p. 97
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