Spaight, 1914, Aircraft in War

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James Molony Spaight. Aircraft in War. St. Martin's Street, London: MacMillan and Co., Limited, 1914.

Online at the Internet Archive.

Spaight writes that airplanes have became a factor in warfare and will probably remain so forever. He recognizes that their capability is changing so fast, it is difficult to make lasting rules for how they will be used.

Regarding the Madrid Conference of 1911: "The jurists who demanded the total prohibition of the new arm, at the Madrid Session of the Institute of International Law in 1911, were treading the same futile path as the Pope who issued the bull against the comet" (3). He also notes that governments have been developing aircraft specifically for the purpose of war, as at Chalais-Meudon.

Spaight reproduces the arguments in a debate over the legality of bombing undefended cities, focusing especially on the fate of London (pp. 11–24).

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