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This table has 379 rows altogether.

Page Names Country City Affiliations Keywords Started aero Ended aero Key people
A. Weiser und Sohn Austria-Hungary 19 Heilizenstradt, Vienna, Austria 1916 1917
A. Wunderlich & Cie, Ingénieurs-Conseils BE Brussels propellers hybrid LTA airplane Alfred E. Wunderlich Alfred Wunderlich
Aéroplanes Morane-Saulnier France Puteaux (3, Rue Volta), Seine, near Paris; 206 boul. Pereire, Paris, France 1911 1962 Léon Morane Robert Morane Raymond Saulnier
AB Enoch Thulins Aeroplanfabrik Sweden Landskrona seaplanes military 1914 Enoch Thulin Gustaf Dahlen
AER Italy Orbassano 1915 February 1919
Aerial Navigation Company of America US Girard, Kansas 1908 1912 Henry Laurens Call
Aerial Transit Ltd.
Aeromarine Plane and Motor Co. US Keyport, NJ; by late 1915, Nutley, NJ. 1908 1928 Inglis M. Uppercu Charles F. Willard Albert S. Heinrich
Aeronautic Supply Co. US St. Louis, MO 1909 January 1, 1970 E. Percy Noel Thomas W. Benoist
Aeronautical Syndicate Ltd. Great Britain 1909 Horatio Barber
Aeroplanbau G. Otto Germany Berlin-Johannisthal 1911 1920
Aeroplanes Goupy France use of Blériot factory, 1909, suggests a base near Paris. 1908 1914 Ambroise Goupy
Aeroplanes Hanriot et Cie France January 1970 1930 Rene Hanriot Pierre Dupont Emile Dupont
Aeroplanes P. Koechlin France 1910 1911 Paul Koechlin M. Pivot
Aeroplanvarvet i Skane Sweden Landskrona 1913 1914 Enoch Thulin Oscar Ask
Air Navigation and Engineering Co. Ltd. Great Britain Addlestone, Surrey January 1, 1970
Aircraft Manufacturing Co. Great Britain The Hyde, Hendon 1912 1920 George Holt Thomas Geoffrey de Havilland
Aktiebolaget Aviatorer SE Gothenburg; Goteborg 1907 Boo Henning Wallin
Albatros Werke AG Germany Berlin-Johannisthal 1909 January 1, 1970 Dr. Ing. M. Gabriel Ernst Heinkel Robert Thielen
Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft Germany Niederneuendorf, near Berlin 1910 January 1, 1970 Emil Rathenau
Alliance Aeroplane Co. Ltd. Great Britain London / Hammersmith and Acton January 1970 Samuel Waring
Alphonse Tellier et Cie France Quai de Seine, Argenteuil, Sene et Oise, France 1909 1918 Alphonse Tellier
American Aerial Navigation Company US New Jersey; Montana airship 1902 Thomas C. Benbow Patrick Lavelle George Pierson
American Aerocar Holding Corp US New York state 1910 January 1, 1970 William Dennis Harry Bretton
Angus, Sanderson and Co. Great Britain Newcastle-on-Tyne January 1970 1918 William Angus
Ansaldo in Genoa; Cantieri Aeronautico Ansaldo in Turin Italy Genoa; addtional factory at Turin, Italy, ca. 1917 1916 January 1, 1970 Savoia Rodolfo Verduzio Rosatelli
Anzani France 112, Boulevard de Courbevoie, Courbevoie, Paris 1907 Alessandro Anzani
Appareils d'Aviation Les Frères Voisin France Rue de la Ferme, Billancourt, Paris; 36 Boulevard Gambetta, Issy-les-Moulineaux, Seine; both France. January 1, 1970 1912 Gabriel Voisin Charles Voisin Colliex
Argus Motorenwerke Germany Berlin-Reinickendorf January 1970
Arthur Antonovich Anatra Russia Odessa; additional factory at Simferopol, 1916. 1912 January 1, 1970
Asteria Italy Via Salbertrand, Turin 1909 1913 Francesco Darbesio Ing. Origoni
Ateliers d'Aviation Edouard Surcouf, Blériot et Voisin France Rue de la Ferme, Billancourt, Paris; atelier 1905 1906 Édouard Surcouf Louis Blériot Gabriel Voisin Charles Voisin
Ateliers de Constructions Mécaniques et Aéronautiques Paul Schmitt France 39, Route de la Revolte, Levallois-Perret, Seine (near Paris) atelier 1913 January 1, 1970 Paul Schmitt
Ateliers de Pischoff-Koechlin France Billancort atelier 1908 1910 Emil de Pischoff Paul Koechlin
August Riedinger Ballonfabrik Augsburg G.m.b.H. DE Augsburg; Mannheim; Liége; Brussels; St. Louis balloons kite balloons Helvetia January 1970 August Riedinger
Aulino Dirigible Airship Company US Newark, New Jersey 1907 Joseph Aulino Edward Fischer Brown Cesare Conti
Austin Motor Co. Great Britain Longbridge Works, Northfield, Birmingham; also London office; and Liancourt, France (all as of 1920) 1916 January 1, 1970
Autobiplane France January 1970 January 1, 1970
Automobil und Aviatik AG Germany Mulhausen; moved head office to Leipzig, 1914, with plants in Leipzig-Heiterblick and Freiburg; subsidiary in Vienna, Austria. 1910 January 1, 1970 Elisee Alfred Descamps Emile Jeannin
Aviation Department of J. Samuel White and Co. Ltd. Great Britain East Cowles, Isle of Wight 1913 1919 John Samuel White Howard T. Wright
Avions Henri et Maurice Farman France 149 and 167 Rue de Silly, Billancourt, Seine, France January 1, 1970 Henri Farman Maurice Farman Maurice-Allan Farman
Avions Ponnier France 1912 January 1, 1970 Louis Alfred Ponnier
Avro Great Britain Factory at Brooklands before moving to Manchester and then Newton Heath; second factory, 1916, at Hamble, near Southampton. Flying school, established 1910 at Brooklands, moved to Shoreham, 1911. 1910 January 1, 1970 Alliott Verdon Roe
Établissements A. Deperdussin France Bétheny; Reims 1910 1914 Armand-Jean-Auguste Deperdussin Louis Béchereau André Herbemont Frederick "Frits" Koolhoven Louis Blériot
Établissements Robert Esnault-Pelterie FR Billancourt, Seine Robert Esnault-Pelterie
B. Stephens and Son Co. US Woonsocket, RI 1913 1915
Baldwin's Vulcanized Proof Material US New York City January 1970 Thomas S. Baldwin
Bathiat-Sanchez France 1914 January 1, 1970 Roger Sommer
Beech-National US Chicago, IL 1911 January 1, 1970 A. C. Beech
Benoist US St. Louis, MO, USA 1912 January 1, 1970
Blackburn Aeroplane and Motor Co. Great Britain Olympia, Leeds, and Sherburn-in-Elmet 1914 January 1, 1970 Robert Blackburn
Blériot Aéronautique France rue Duret, Paris; 2 Quai du General Gallieni, Suresnes, Seine 1909 January 1970 Louis Blériot
Blériot Aeronautics GB London school January 1, 1970 Norbert Chereau Louis Blériot
Blériot and Spad Manufacturing Co. Great Britain Addlestone, Surrey, UK 1914 1919 Louis Blériot
Bobba Italy 1911 1913
Boeing Airplane Co. US Seattle Pacific Aero Products Co. airplanes 1917 William E. Boeing G. Conrad Westervelt
Boots und Flugzeugbau Gebruder Müller Germany Griesheim, Darmstadt 1908 1918 Jacob Müller Philipp Müller
Bossi Italy 1910 1913 Enea Bossi
Boulton and Paul Great Britain Mousehold Aerodrome, apparently with offices at Rose Lane Works, both Norwich (plus London office by 1920) 1915 January 1, 1970 John Dudley North
Brandenburgische Flugzeugwerke Germany Libau (elsewhere, Liebau) 1914 January 1, 1970 Igo Etrich Camilio Castiglioni
Brazil Straker and Co. Great Britain Fishponds, Bristol, England Roy Fedden
Breguet Aeroplanes, Limited GB London Société des Avions Louis Breguet airplane 1912 Louis-Charles Bréguet Jules de Meray Charles Knox Charles Rudd Emile Salmson Jacques Bréguet Gustave Garnier
Breitfeld, Danek and Co. Czechoslovakia 1915 1931
British Aerial Transport Co. Great Britain London January 1, 1970 1919 Frederick "Frits" Koolhoven Samuel Waring
British and Colonial Aeroplane Co. Great Britain Factory at Filton, near Bristol, England; flying schools at [[Larkhill]] in Salisbury and at Brooklands. 1910 George White Herbert J. Thomas Henri Coanda
British Breguet Plane Limited Company GB affiliate multinational subsidiary 1913
British Wright Company GB London January 1, 1970 Orville Wright Griffith Brewer Alexander Ogilvie
Brush Electrical Engineering Co. Great Britain 1915 1918
Buscaylet et Cie France 1916 January 1, 1970 Buscaylet pere Fils-Bobin Louis de Monge
C. and A. Wittemann Aeronautical Engineers US Ocean Terrace and Little Clove Road, Staten Island, NY 1905 January 1970 Charles R. Wittemann Adolph D. Wittemann
C. W. Parker Co. US Leavenworth, KS 1910 January 1, 1970 C. W. Parker
Caproni & C. Italy Vizzola January 1, 1970 January 1, 1970 Gianni Caproni Carlo Comitti Luigi Faccanoni
Carrosserie Vinet-Boulogne FR Courbevoie, Seine 1909 1914
Caudron France Le Crotoy; Lyon; Issy-les-Moulineaux; Cricklewood, London 1910 1946 Gaston Caudron René Caudron
Cedric Lee Co. Great Britain Shoreham, England 1913 1914
Cellon Ltd. Great Britain Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey January 1970
Cessna US Wichita, KS 1911 1917 Clyde V. Cessna
Charles Healy Day company US ?, might have been Santa Anna, CA 1912 1914 Charles Healy Day DeLloyd Thompson
Chiribiri Italy Turin 1911 January 1, 1970 Antonio Chiribiri
Chloride Electrical Storage Great Britain Manchester; London?
Christmas Aeroplane Co. US Washington, DC, and Amityville, NY?, 1911 1919 William W. Christmas
Clayton and Shuttleworth Great Britain Lincoln 1916 1919 Alfred Shuttleworth Joseph Shuttleworth
Clement-Bayard Constructors France Paris Adolphe Clément-Bayard
Clerget, Blin and Cie France 32, Quai Michelet, Levallois-Perret January 1, 1970 Pierre Clerget
Compagnie générale de navigation aérienne FR 1908 Lazare Weiller Deutsch de la Meurthe Wright Brothers
Constructions Aéronautiques J. Lévy France 1914 January 1, 1970 Léon-Georges Lévy
Costruzioni Aeronautiche Giovanni Agusta Italy 1907 January 1, 1970 Giovanni Agusta
Costruzioni Aeronautiche Ing. O. Pomilio & C. Italy factory and airfield outside of Turin. 1915 January 1, 1970 Ottorino Pomilio Umberto Savoia
Coutant France 1915 1918
Coventry Ordnance Works Great Britain Coventry 1911 January 1, 1970 Warwick Wright
Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Corporation US December 1911 Glenn Curtiss Hugh Robinson Charles Willard Albert Francis Zahm Aldred "Fred" Victor Verville
Curtiss Aeroplane Co., Canada Canada Long Branch (or Long Beach), Toronto, Ontario. 1915 1916
d'Astoux et Cie France Etampes? France 1916 January 1, 1970 d'Astoux Jules Védrines
D. Napier and Son Great Britain 1915 1918
Daimler Motoren-Gesellschaft Germany Stuttgart and Sindelfingen 1915 January 1, 1970 Hanns Klemm
Dayton Wright Airplane Company US Dayton, OH January 1, 1970 Edward Andrew Deeds Charles F. Kettering, Harold Elstner Talbott, Sr. Harold Elstner Talbott, Jr.
Delacombe & Marechal France January 1, 1970 January 1, 1970 Gabriel Borel
Delaunay-Bellville France Etampes? January 1970 January 1, 1970 Henri-Marie Coandă
Detroit Aeronautic Construction Company US Detroit January 1970
Deutsche Flugzeug Werke Germany Lindenthal, Leipzig 1910 January 1970 Bernard Meyer