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Table structure:

  • Event_names - List of String
  • Event_type - String
  • Country - Page
  • Location - String
  • Start_date - Date
  • Number_of_days - Integer
  • Tech_focus - List of Page

This table has 132 rows altogether.

Page Event names Event type Country Location Start date Number of days Tech focus
11th Paris Motor Show 11th Paris Motor Show; Paris Aero Salon; First Paris Aero Salon; le premier Salon de l'Aéronautique exhibition FR Paris December 24, 1908 7 LTA airplane
1893 International Meteorological Congress International Meteorological Congress; Chicago Meteorological Congress conference US Chicago (World's Fair) August 21, 1893 4 meteorology
1894 Congrès de l'Atmospère, Anvers Antwerp Exhibition; Congrès de l'Atmospère Anvers; etc. exhibition BE Antwerp August 16, 1894 3 LTA aerodynamics propulsion instrument
1896 Exposition nationale suisse 1896 Exposition nationale suisse à Genève exhibition CH Geneva June 1, 1896 167 LTA captive
1896 International Meteorological Conference International Conference of Meteorology; Conference météorologique internationale conference FR Paris September 17, 1896 6 meteorology LTA balloon kite instrument Blue Hill Observatory
1897 Exposition internationale 1897 Exposition internationale de Bruxelles exhibition BE Brussels May 10, 1897 182 LTA captive
1899 International Meteorological Committee meeting 1899 International Meteorological Congress conference RU St. Petersburg September 2, 1899 6 meteorology
1900 Exposition universelle Exposition universelle de 1900; "Paris exhibition"; Exposition de 1900; 1900 Expo exhibition FR [[Champ-de-Mars]], Paris April 14, 1900 LTA balloon navigation competition meteorology
1900 International Meteorological Congress International Conference of Meteorology conference FR Paris September 10, 1900 7 meteo LTA kite
1905 International Meteorological Conference 1906 International Meteorological Congress conference AT Innsbruck September 9, 1905 meteo instrument barometer ballon-sonde kite
1906 Esposizione Internazionale Esposizione Internazionale; Milan International IT Milan April 28, 1906 186
1908 Wright demonstration in France 1908 Wright demonstration in France exhibition FR Le Mans August 8, 1908 64 airplane
1912 British military trials British military trials 1912; British Military Aeroplane Competition; Military Aeroplane Competition competition GB [[Larkhill]], Salisbury Plain, England August 1, 1912 7 airplane
1919 National Balloon Race National Balloon Race 1919 competition US St. Louis October 1, 1919 LTA
1st Gordon Bennett International Balloon Race 1st Gordon Bennett International Balloon Race exhibition FR Paris September 30, 1906 2 LTA
1st Internationale Luftschiffahrt Ausstellung 1st Internationale Luftschiffahrt Austellung exhibition DE Frankfurt July 21, 1909 100 LTA
2nd Gordon Bennett International Balloon Race 2nd Gordon Bennett International Balloon Race exhibition US St. Louis October 21, 1907 2 LTA
3rd Gordon Bennett International Balloon Race 3rd Gordon Bennett International Balloon Race competition DE Berlin October 11, 1908 4 LTA
3rd Paris aviation exhibition 3rd Paris aviation exhibition; Troisième Exposition de la Locomotion Aérienne exhibition FR Paris December 16, 1911 18 airplane military
4th Congress for Scientific Aerostation 4th Congress for Scientific Aerostation conference RU St. Petersbourg 1904 LTA
4th Gordon Bennett International Balloon Race 4th Gordon Bennett International Balloon Race competition CH Zurich October 2017 4 LTA
5th Congress for Scientific Aerostation 5th Congress for Scientific Aerostation; Cinquième conférence de la Commission internationale pour l'aérostation scientifique à Milan conference IT Milan September 30, 1906 8 LTA instrument meteorology
Aero Club Exhibition and Contest Aero Club Exhibition and Contest; International Motor Car Exhibition Aero Club Section exhibition GB London April 6, 1907 9 airplane LTA
Aeronautical Exhibition in Liverpool Aeronautical Exhibition in Liverpool exhibition GB Liverpool, Britain 1886
Aeronautical exhibition in Paris in 1883 Aeronautical exhibition in Paris exhibition FR Paris 1883 20
Aeronautical Exhibition of 1885 Aeronautical Exhibition of 1885 exhibition GB Alexandra Palace 1885
Aeronautical Navigation Conference at 1893 World's Fair Aeronautical Navigation Conference; Conference on Aeronautical Navigation; Intl Meteorological Cong; World's Fair; conference US Chicago (World's Fair) August 1, 1893 4 LTA balloon propeller propulsion airplane stability parachute glider
Air Carnival Air Carnival show AU Sydney December 24, 1910
Albany to New York prize Albany to New York prize competition US Albany / New York City May 29, 1910 1 airplane
Antonetti Cup Coupe Antonetti; Antonetti Cup competition FR January 1, 1970 LTA piloting
Archdeacon prize Archdeacon prize competition FR 1903 airplane
Asbury Park exhibition Asbury Park exhibition US Asbury Park, NJ August 1910
Atlantic City Aero Meet Atlantic City exhibition; Atlantic City Aero Meet exhibition US Atlantic City, NJ July 4, 1910 8 airplanes military
Baltimore exhibition Baltimore exhibition US Halethorpe, Baltimore County, Maryland November 6, 1910 7 airplane biplane military fun
Barcelona exhibition Barcelona ES Barcelona 1910
Baron de Forest prize Baron de Forest prize prize GB Eastchurch December 18, 1910
Belmont Park Aviation Carnival Belmont Park exhibition US Belmont Park, LI, NY October 26, 1910 1 airplane
Belmont Park exhibition Belmont Park exhibition US Belmont Park, LI, NY October 29, 1910
Berlin Flugwoche exhibition Berlin Flugwoche exhibition DE Berlin 1910
Blackpool exhibition Blackpool GB Blackpool 1910
Blackpool official exhibition (?) Blackpool official show (?) exhibition GB Blackpool October 1909 airplane
Bologna exhibition Bologna IT Bologna 1910
Bournemouth exhibition Bournemouth GB Bournemouth 1910
Brescia exhibition Brescia air show; Circuito Aereo di Brescia exhibition IT Brescia September 8, 1909 13 airplane
British and International Aeronautical Exhibition British and International Aeronautical Exhibition exhibition GB Alexandra Palace 1903 LTA balloon kite
British Manoeuvres of 1912 British Manoeuvres of 1912; Army Manoeuvres of 1912 wargame GB September 16, 1912 4 military airplane LTA reconnaissance
Brussels exhibition Brussels BE Brussels 1910
Budapest exhibition Budapest HU Budapest 1910
Burton exhibition Burton GB Burton 1910
Cannes exhibition Cannes FR Cannes 1910
Cardiff exhibition Cardiff GB Cardiff 1910
Chattanooga exhibition Chattanooga exhibition US Chattanooga November 1910
Circuit de l'Est Circuit de l'Est competition FR Paris August 15, 1910 3 airplane
Commission Permanente Internationale d'Aéronautique, session extraordinaire, 1907 Commission Permanente Internationale d'Aéronautique session extraordinaire conference Belgium Brussels September 12, 1907 4 LTA
Congress of the Atmosphere Congress of the Atmosphere conference January 1, 1970
Copenhagen exhibition Copenhagen DK Copenhagen 1910
Coupe Michelin Internationale Coupe Michelin Internationale; International Michelin Cup competition FR 1908 airplane
Daily Mail's $5000 prize for crossing the Channel Daily Mail's £1 000 ($5000) prize for crossing the Channel competition GB Calais-Dover October 1908 airplane
Daily Mail's £10,000 prize for crossing the Atlantic Daily Mail's £10 000 ($50 000) prize for crossing the Channel competition GB airplane
Deutsch prize Grand-Prix de l'Aéro-Club; Deutsch prize competition FR Paris April 15, 1900 LTA
Deutsch-Archdeacon prize Deutsch-Archdeacon prize; Grand Prix de l'Aviation competition FR airplane
Deutsche de la Meurthe cup prize Deutsche de la Meurthe cup prize #2 prize FR St.-Germain-en-Laye/Paris October 29, 1913
Dominguez Field exhibition Dominguez Field/LA ; Dominguez Field exhibition; Los Angeles International Air Meet exhibition US Los Angeles January 10, 1910 11 airplane LTA photography
Doncaster exhibition Doncaster GB Doncaster 1910
Doncaster unofficial exhibition Doncaster unofficial show exhibition GB Doncaster October 1909 Airplanes
Dublin exhibition Dublin GB Dublin 1910
Exposition de la Locomotion Aerienne Exposition de la Locomotion Aerienne; Aero Exhibition exhibition FR Paris September 25, 1909
Fifth Aero Show Fifth Aero Show exhibition GB Olympia, London March 16, 1914 Airplane
First Exhibition of the Aeronautical Society of Great Britain First Exhibition of the Aeronautical Society of Great Britain exhibition GB Crystal Palace, London June 25, 1868 10 kite propulsion engine
Florence exhibition Florence IT Florence 1910
Flugwoche Flugwoche Flight Week competition DE Berlin August 9, 1909 4 airplane
French Manoeuvres of 1912 French Manouevres of 1912 Grandes manœuvres de l'Ouest wargame FR Western France (north of Poitiers) September 11, 1912 7 military airplane LTA reconnaissance
Geneva exhibition Geneva CH Geneva 1910
German Manoeuvres of 1912 German Manouevres of 1912 Kaisermanöver wargame DE Saxony? military LTA reconnaissance
Great Week of Aviation at Heliopolis Great Week of Aviation at Heliopolis; Grande Semaine d'Aviation d'Égypte exhibition EG Heliopolis (near Cairo) February 6, 1910 8 airplane LTA
Harvard-Boston Aero Meet Harvard-Boston Aero Meet exhibition US Boston Harbor September 3, 1910 10 airplane military
Hendon meet Hendon meet meet GB Hendon May 1911
Hendon meeting meeting GB Hendon 1911
Hudson-Fulton Celebration Hudson-Fulton Celebration; National Aeronautical Exposition; National Aeronautical Show exhibition US New York City September 25, 1909 7 LTA airplane propulsion piloting fun
Hunaudieres Hunaudieres exhibition FR Hunaudieres August 8, 1908 6
Hungarian Millennium Hungarian Millennium exhibition HU Budapest 1896 LTA military captive Louis Godard
Indiana Glider Trials of 1896 Indiana glider trials exhibition US Miller Beach, Indiana June 22, 1896 13 glider stability
Indianapolis exhibition Indianapolis exhibition US Indianapolis June 1910
International Aero and Motor-Boat Exhibition International Aero and Motor-Boat Exhibition; Olympia Aero Exhibition exhibition GB Olympia, London March 19, 1909 9 engine LTA
International Aeronautical Conference at Berlin International Aeronautical Conference at Berlin; Third Meeting of the International Commission for Scientific Aeronautics conference DE Berlin May 20, 1902 6 meteo LTA kite instrument military
International Aeronautical Conference at Strassburg International Aeronautical Conference; International Aeronautical Commission; Abgehaltene erste Versammlung der Internationalen Aëronautischen Commission conference DE Strassburg March 31, 1898 5 meteo LTA instrument photography
International Aeronautical Congress of 1889 International Aeronautical Congress of 1889; Second International Congress of Aeronauts and Aviators; Congrès international d'aéronautique; Congrès international aéronautique conference FR Paris July 31, 1889 4
International Aeronautical Congress of 1900 [Second] International Aeronautical Congress conference FR Paris September 17, 1900 5 [[LTA]], [[balloon]], [[kite]], [[meteo]]
International Aeronautical Congress of 1906 Third International Aeronautical Congress conference IT Milan October 22, 1906 7 LTA airplane helicopter glider kite meteorology instrument astronomy physiology photography aerial law
International Air Transport Fair (Internationale Luftschiffahrt-Ausstellung, ILA) International Air Transport Fair Internationale Luftschiffahrt-Ausstellung or "ILA" "Frankfurt Air Exhibition" DE July 10, 1909 7
International Commission on Airships International Commission on Airships conference 1902
Jamestown Exposition Jamestown Exposition; Jamestown Expo; Jamestown Aeronautical Congress exhibition US Jamestown April 26, 1907 219 LTA bird airplane kite competition parachute instrument communications photography
Johannisthal exhibition (?) Johannisthal show (?) exhibition DE Johannisthal October 1909 Airplanes
Lanark exhibition Lanark GB Lanark 1910
Le Banquet Wilbur Wright Le Banquet Wilbur Wright party FR Paris November 5, 1908 1 airplane
Le Havre exhibition Le Havre FR Le Havre 1910
Leipzig Exhibition Leipzig Exhibition; Sächsisch-Thüringische Industrie- und Gewerbeausstellung Leipzig; Saxon-Thuringian Industry and Commerce Exhibition Lepzig exhibition DE Leipzig April 24, 1897 178 LTA captive
Long Beach air show Long Beach air show exhibition US Long Beach, Calif April 3, 1912
Lyons exhibition Lyons FR Lyons 1910
Milan exhibition Milan IT Milan 1910