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Page Enclosing categories Subcategories Affiliated concepts
aéronautique French terms heavier-than-air LTA
advertising simple tech terms
aerial communication simple tech terms
aerial navigation simple tech terms
aerial observation simple tech terms
aerial propellers propellers
aerial railway simple tech terms
aerial road simple tech terms
aerial traction simple tech terms
aero-hydraulic engine simple tech terms
aero-hydrostatic motor simple tech terms
aerodynamics simple tech terms sciences airfoil frame
aeroplane airplane wings airfoil
aeroport logistics simple tech terms
aerostat LTA balloon gas
agriculture simple tech terms
aileron navigation stability USPC 244/90 airfoil wing-warping
aiming simple tech terms
aircraft simple tech terms airplane LTA airship helicopter kite ornithopter hybrid
aircraft carrier military marine hydroplane
airfoil airplane aerodynamics texture
airplane simple tech terms propulsion Langley's Law airfoil
airship simple tech terms LTA dirigible balloon
aluminum materials metal texture rigid
anchor mooring
anemometer instrument weather
apparel simple tech terms piloting passenger safety CPC B64D10/00 USPC 2/2.14 USPC 2/455
ascension propulsion lift sustentation traction
ascent aerial navigation aerodynamics
astronomy sciences
AT 77b AT 77
AT 77d AT 77
atelier industry
Australian patent classifications Patent category systems AU 90
Austro-Daimler engine engine
automobiles simple tech terms
aviation simple tech terms airplane helicopter heavier-than-air aéronautique avion
ballistics simple tech terms
ballon-sonde balloon LTA meteo
ballonet LTA balloon gas ascension stability
balloon navigation balloons aerial navigation
balloon train simple tech terms
balloon-glider balloons gliders
balloons LTA fabric CPC B64B1/40 texture
barometer instrument
basket simple tech terms
BE 11 Belgian patent classifications
BE 16 Belgian patent classifications
BE K Belgian patent classifications airplane heavier-than-air LTA USPC 244 CPC B64
beacon simple tech terms
Belgian patent classifications Patent category systems BE K BE 11 BE 9 BE 2me-C
biplane airplane airfoil
birds propulsion ballast
blades propellers propellers
bomb military USPC 89 projectile
bombing simple tech terms
box kite kite frame
braking simple tech terms
British patent classifications Patent category systems GB 4 GB 122 GB 123
CA 115 Canadian patent classifications CA 115/31 CA 115/32 marine propulsion propeller paddle-wheel
CA 115/31 CA 115 propellers paddle-wheels
CA 115/32 CA 115 propellers paddle-wheels
CA 123 Canadian patent classifications internal combustion engines engines
CA 244 Canadian patent classifications CA 244/1 CA 244/2 CA 244/3 CA 244/24 CA 244/33 CA 244/45 CA 244/46 CA 244/47 CA 244/53 CA 244/59 CA 244/76 CA 244/86 CA 244/89 CA 244/90 CA 244/91 CA 244/93 CA 244/110 CA 244/119 CA 244/120 USPC 244
CA 244/10 CA 244/3 ornithopters flapping wings
CA 244/11 CA 244/3 airplane
CA 244/12 CA 244/3 CA 244/13 CA 244/14 airplane airfoil USPC 244/13
CA 244/14 CA 244/3 CA 244/12
CA 244/15 CA 244/3 CA 244/16 CA 244/17 CA 244/18 CA 244/19 CA 244/20 helicopter
CA 244/16 CA 244/15 helicopter control
CA 244/17 CA 244/15 helicopter control
CA 244/18 CA 244/15 helicopter propulsion
CA 244/19 CA 244/15 helicopter sustention
CA 244/20 CA 244/15 helicopter
CA 244/21 CA 244/3 paddle wheel rotor
CA 244/22 CA 244/3
CA 244/23 CA 244/3
CA 244/3 CA 244 CA 244/4 CA 244/5 CA 244/6 CA 244/7 CA 244/8 CA 244/9 CA 244/10 CA 244/11 CA 244/12 CA 244/15 CA 244/21 CA 244/22 CA 244/23 heavier-than-air
CA 244/33 CA 244 CA 244/34 lift
CA 244/34 CA 244/33 CA 244/35 CA 244/36 CA 244/37 CA 244/38 CA 244/39 airfoil Tragfläche
CA 244/4 CA 244/3 heavier-than-air LTA hybrid USPC 244/5
CA 244/40 CA 244/34
CA 244/41 CA 244/40
CA 244/5 CA 244/3 CA 244/6 airplane hybrid heavier-than-air helicopter USPC 244/6
CA 244/6 CA 244/5 hybrid heavier-than-air airplane helicopter USPC 244/7
CA 244/7 CA 244/3 airplane airfoil propulsion USPC 244/8
CA 244/8 CA 244/3 airplane sustentation airfoil propulsion propeller USPC 244/9
CA 244/9 CA 244/3 airplane sustentation airfoil propulsion hybrid USPC 244/10
CA 60 Canadian patent classifications CA 60/61 power plant
CA 60/61
cage frame passenger propeller piloting cargo safety metal wood
camber airfoil
Canadian patent classifications Patent category systems CA 60 CA 115 CA 123 CA 244
captive simple tech terms CPC B61B13/08 passenger photography exhibition
car simple tech terms
cargo simple tech terms CPC B64D1/04 USPC 244/136
CH 129b CH 129 CH 129a CH 129b aeronautics
chaining simple tech terms
charvolant kite wheels propulsion
chassis simple tech terms