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Mark Sullivan. Our Times: The United States, 1900–1925. Volume 2: America Finding Herself. New York & London: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1927.

Second in a six-volume series on the United States 1900–1925 (with plenty of pages devoted to the 1890s and before as background). Contains a long chapter (28) called "The Airplane Emerges" which includes some more and less famous characters in the American genesis of the airplane.

As in other chapters, Sullivan credits an impressive range of notable people who have read proofs of the chapter and given comments. These include Orville Wright, Katharine Wright Haskell, Secretary of Commerce Hoover, Vilhjalmur Stefansson, General Frank Lahm, General William Mitchell, General Mason M. Patrick, Colonel Roy C. Kirtland, Colonel B. D. Foulois, Major H. H. Arnold, Major W. C. Sherman, Paul Henderson, Grover Loening, Griffith Brewer, Arthur Ruhl, Byron Newton, James H. Hare, William E. Hoster, and George Rothwell Brown.

Other main topics treated in this volume are the education (McGuffey Readers) of the generation ascendant in the 1900s; oil, steel, railroads, & trusts; and Roosevelt.

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