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U.S. patent class 244/76 is for automatic control systems': Devices and systems for automatically controlling aircraft along a predetermined course, in response to changing conditions. This includes aircraft arranged to automatically maintain stable equilibrium.[1]

  • For similar subject matter for controlling missiles see USPC 244/3.1+.
  • These are the generic subclasses for the steering of dirigible craft automatically in two or three dimensions. See USPC 244/175 for a statement as to the line between the various vehicle and motor classes and for the classes which provide for electrically controlled or actuated steering for mobile craft.
  • USPC 73/178+, Measuring and Testing, for navigating instruments in general where no control of the craft is involved.
  • USPC 91, Motors: Expansible Chamber Type, for fluid servo-motors and controls therefor.
  • USPC 102/384, Ammunition and Explosives, for drop bombs having automatic means for controlling the course of their flight.
  • USPC 114/21.1 and USPC 114/23+, Ships, for torpedoes with automatically actuated steering mechanism
  • USPC 114/24 where the control mechanism includes a gyroscope
  • USPC 114/144+ for miscellaneous devices, including the automatically actuated devices for changing the direction or speed of a ship.
  • USPC 180/167+ and USPC 180/170+ sses 167+ and 170+ as explained in the reference to that class (180) appearing in subclass 75 above.
  • USPC 700 Data Processing: Generic Control Systems or Specific Applications, subclasses 1 through 89for generic data processing control systems
  • USPC 701 Data Processing: Vehicles, Navigation, and Relative Location, subclasses 3+ for computing systems for vehicle control or vehicle condition indication and subclasses 400-541 for computations in the application of navigation.
  • USPC 703 Data Processing: Structural Design, Modeling, Simulation, and Emulation, subclass 8 for mathematical simulation of a vehicle


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Patents in categories USPC 244/76, USPC 244/76A, or USPC 244/76R

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