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R. W. Urling. The Laws of Patents in Foreign Countries, translated, with notes, &c. For the information of inventors and patentees. London: Simpkin, Marshall, & Co., Stationers' Hall Court, 1845.

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A comprehensive guide to the rules and regulations for securing patents the various countries of Europe and America — i.e. Belgium, Holland, the Dutch West Indies, France, Austria, Prussia, Russia, Bavaria, Kingdom of Saxony, Wurtemburg, Sardinia, the Roman States (Italy), Spain, Portugal, Sweden, and the United States.

With interesting commentary in the introduction, including some about the value of securing foreign patents and of properly marketing one's invention. And, for example:

It is much to be regretted, that the patent laws of the different states of Europe are so vague and undefined, that, in many instances, patents are arbitrarily refused or granted, charges diminished or increased, terms limited or extended, and conditions imposed, of which the laws make no mention. Much preferable is the English law, which, though exorbitantly high in its charges, still lets you know what you can have for your money; and it were to be wished that it was taken as a model, at least in the last respect, elsewhere. The new French law is, however, favourable enough to patentees, being plain and straight-forward, and may be understood by any one moderately conversant with business. Belgium and Holland have both the same law,—viz, that of January 25, 1817; but nothing can be more remarkable than the different constructions which the two Governments put on the same articles of that law. (xi–xii)

(Holland, he writes, interprets the law in a simple and permissive way, whereas Belgium applies endless red tape and makes securing a patent difficult.)

Urling was a patent agent in Brussels. (30, Rue des Arts)

Original title The Laws of Patents in Foreign Countries
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