Vivian, 1921, A History of Aeronautics

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A History of Aeronautics by E. Charles Vivian: With a Section on Progress in Aeroplane Design by Lieut.-Col. W. Lockwood Marsh, O.B.E. New York: Harcourt, Brace and Company, 1921. 521 pages.

From Vivian's preface:

Hitherto, there has been no attempt at furnishing a detailed account of how the aeroplane and the dirigible of to-day came to being, but each author who has treated the subject has devoted his attention to some special phase or section. The principal exception to this rule—Hildebrandt—wrote in 1906, and a good many of his statements are inaccurate, especially with regard to heavier-than-air experiment.
Original title A History of Aeronautics
Simple title A History of Aeronautics
Authors E. Charles Vivian
Date 1921
Countries US
Languages en
Keywords history, design, aeronautics
Related to aircraft? 1
Page count 521
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