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James Andrew White. Practical Aviation: Including Construction and Operation. 25 Elm St, New York: Wireless Press, Inc. 1918.

Online at Internet Archive. (Lists title as Practical aviation for military airmen.)

A text book for intensive study by men preparing to become skilled mechanicians and aviators, containing all knowledge of fundamentals required prior to elementary and advanced flying.

J. Andrew White: Author of Signal Corps Manual, Director of Vocational Training, Marconi Institute.

By typographical arrangement I have presented military aviation as it has been taught in the class room. The diagrams are those which have proven most valuable on the blackboard; photographs were chosen from among those projected on a screen by balopticon.

Contains a useful glossary in French and English (p. 187).

Original title Practical Aviation: Including Construction and Operation
Simple title Practical Aviation
Authors James Andrew White
Date 1918
Countries US
Languages en
Keywords pilots, mechanics, aviators
Related to aircraft? 1
Page count 200ish
Word count